The Farmers

Farming Takes Teamwork!

Nick with Emma Jean ~ Head Sugar Maker & Tree Farmer

Nick’s love for maple began when he was a kid growing up in Northern Vermont. With a family history of sugar making, he became sweet on the idea of having his own sugarhouse and maple syrup production. At a young age of 16, Nick Lussier started collecting sap and selling it to local sugar makers.

Nick followed his dream by obtaining a degree in agricultural science. His education brings sustainable and modernized agricultural techniques to his independently owned farm in Barton, Vermont. He put his new education to the ultimate test by buying land near his childhood stomping grounds and he planted 2,500 Balsam & Fraser Christmas Trees. Knowing the amount of time it would take to establish a time farm and tree farm for the trees to mature, Nick looked for other opportunities to make the land sustainable.

By the age of 24, Nick designed his own sugarhouse and began building it to specification. The sugarhouse is equipped with a wood-fired evaporator and reverse osmosis processing system to help drive efficiency for this one-man operation. In early spring, travelers on Maple Hill get to see the beauty of Orleans County and be teased with the scent of the maple being boiled in the sugarhouse.

Nick can be found outside of sugaring season tending to his Balsam and Fraser Christmas Trees. Beginning in 2014, the farm has expanded from 2,500 trees to 11,000+, and it continues to grow both in height and volume. With this type of business growth, Nick decided to team up with Branch Manager, Emma in 2016. Emma provides endless security rounds and chases off any threatening birds or woodchucks. During any season, you may catch her riding shotgun with Nick on the farm equipment.

Steph with Tuuka the Tank ~ Marketing

Stephanie’s love for maple began when she met Nick! Though Stephanie grew up in Northern Vermont her family did not have experience with sugaring or agriculture. It wasn’t until Stephanie met Nick Lussier that she began to explore the world of maple and tree farming. Together they began developing the business and recording videos along the way. You can find them on their social media sites and hear “Whatcha doin’ Nick?” to learn about the business.

Stephanie graduated with a Master of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University after completing her undergrad studies at Champlain College.  She worked fulltime in healthcare at North Country Hospital and Copley Hospital for a combined 18 years. Until the birth of their daughter, Raegan in 2022, Stephanie spent her time after work and on weekends, doing what she can to help Nick with the business. Not only is she a Stay at Home Mom now, she is the cone-picker-extraordinaire and has a golden cone necklace to prove it. She is the brush cutter at Christmas-time and trail-breaker during sugaring season! Now she has a bit more time in the area and is hoping to further expand Maple Hill Farm.

Stephanie brings with her Tuuka the Tank, a rescue pup, to act as the head of security. To date, her security efforts consist of “securing the couch” because her favorite thing to do is cuddle. 

Nick and Stephanie are bound together by their passion for the outdoors, sense of adventure, and you guessed it… love for maple! They’re always looking for the next opportunity to expand their business and perhaps, one day, make it a fulltime job.  


Nick with daughter, Raegan Martine ~ Chief People Officer

Raegan joined the team in July 2022. Immediately she took over as the Chief People Officer with the primary responsibility of making hearts happy with her gorgeous smile, endless giggles, and adventurous spirit. She makes the whole thing happen with full hearts and big smiles. 


Stewardship Matters to Us

Our goals for the farm include: 

  • Keeping agricultural land open and viable 
  • Restoring depleted soil structures
  • Continuing agricultural expansion


Wood-Fired Small Batch Maple Syrup

At Maple Hill Farm Barton Vermont, we take tremendous pride in the stewardship of our forests and in return our maple trees reward us with some of the most unique tasting maple syrup available. We collect sap from our sugarbush on Maple Hill, boil it over a wood-fired evaporator, and filter and bottle it by hand in our sugarhouse. 


Enjoy Maple Goodness Straight from the Farm!

Our pure Vermont Maple syrup, known for its rich flavor and quality, is shipped to you straight from our farm. 

We offer a wide selection of hand crafted maple products, "maple gear", honey, Christmas trees and artisan wreaths.

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